The Practice of Transformational Management and its Role in Achieving Institutional Excellence from the Point of View of Workers in the Directorates of Education in Hebron.

  • Sameer Suleiman Aljamal Palestinian
Keywords: Transformational management, institutional excellence, employees in the directorates of education, the Directorate of Education.


The study aimed at understanding the practice of transformational management and its role in achieving institutional excellence from the point of view of workers in the directorates of education in Hebron governorate. The study sample consisted of (103) employees. The results indicated that the degree of the practice of transformational management was medium on the total score and in all its fields. It was also found that the highest areas of transformational management practice were thought provoking, then inspirational stimulation, then the ideal effect and finally the area of individual interest. The results showed that the official/head is interested in giving incentives to change. He motivates and encourages employees, takes care of individual differences, maintains communication and communication with them, addresses difficulties with courage, gives time to listen to ideas and stimulates thought. While it turns out that the official deals unsatisfactorily with the workers, does not raise the challenge and stability, does not trust everyone, does not carry out the process of delegation. The results showed that the degree of institutional excellence in the directorates of education in Hebron governorate was medium on the overall score and in all fields. The highest areas of institutional excellence were leadership excellence, excellence in service delivery, and finally human excellence. It has also been shown that the management of the institution continuously seeks to excel in providing service to the public. While it was found that the staff did not receive remuneration appropriate to their evaluation, and the Foundation did not provide opportunities to send distinguished employees.

Author Biography

Sameer Suleiman Aljamal, Palestinian

Dr. Sameer Suleiman Al-Jamal is a lecturer at Istiqlal University/ Palestinian Academy for Security and Military Sciences. He holds PHD in public administration and has written his thesis on strategic thinking. He has lectured in many Palestinian Universities, published dozens of scientific researches, in addition to literary and political articles. He also participated in many local, Arab and international scientific conferences. His activities in the social and political fields. His main researches are the development of institutions, the achievement of employee satisfaction, and the reduction of negative aspects that hinder growth and development. Energetic in the field of social work and cooperative societies.